Artificial Intelligence and the Different Industry Verticals From Chatbots to self-healing devices, artificial intelligence has come a long way. It is changing the way we live, and work. Almost all the industrial sectors are feeling the impact of AI. The ways in which AI is changing our lives is unthinkable. And it may take you some time to fully digest it. Today we are going to discuss some of the areas where AI has already made its inroads and has had a successful impact. Customer Care: With the presence of AI in the customer care sector, it is now even more possible to give personalized service to the customers. This is simply because the details about the customer – right from his name to his buying habits, preferences, date of birth, address – everything is stored in the system. The moment the customer makes a request; you can now process all the data and give a well-informed and refined answer and suggestion. This leads to higher customer satisfaction. Transportation Industry: Driverless cars and smart trains are already a reality. Soon a time will come when AI will play a significant role in ensuring that everything related to the transportation industry is automated. It is already predicting, patrolling and protecting the traffic safety standards. Law: If you are wondering how can AI make its impact felt in the legal field where you need a lawyer to fight the case and a judge to give the verdict, well let us explain. A case cannot be fought without relevant data. And in order to collect the data from different files and folders as well as other sources, you need AI. They will help do the research work so that the lawyer can prepare the case in a safe and sound way. Medical Industry: The presence of AI in the medical industry is huge. In the past few years, so many health care devices have been launched that is helping people to keep a track of their pulse rate, BP level, insulin level and so many things. That time I not far when you will find Robots replacing nurses in the operation theater. Manufacturing Industry: This is another industry where AI has made a strong foothold. Right from automation to labor work, the robots are doing jobs. Factories are slowly reducing their workforce, as the robots are able to do more jobs in less time. What conclusion did you draw from the above discussion? The future of the AI industry is bright and happening. It will serve two purposes – firstly it will make our life easier and smooth and secondly it will create job options for many. The robotics industry will require people to run the robots and get the work done. So don’t you think that you should get your kid enrolled in the robotics classes in Wakad? Prepare him for the future so that by the time he is grown up, he is fully prepared to join the robotics industry. And there are so many verticals to take his pick from.