Let us first understand Predictive Analytics:- Term Predictive Analytics (PA) is one of the parts of Data Analytics (DA). Its role is to establish the outcome of the organization in the future. Predictive modeling reading is established from the historical data and varied analytic techniques like Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning. The science of predictive analytics is quite accurate in determining the future outcomes of the business house with higher chances of precision. In it, statistically proven predictive tools and models are being used. All the organizations could easily use the past data to determine the result in milliseconds. Predictive Analytics is a good tool and has got the acceptance of a large number of organizations. If we take out the monetary value, then don’t get startled when renowned market research agencies come out with mouthwatering numbers. Now let’s understand the benefits of Predictive Analytics:- The business house is constantly looking for ways that would guarantee profitable results in the future. No wonder, this branch of the statistical tool has helped organizations predict the future scenario with a lot of accuracy. This has been the reason for the increase in the saving ratio too. Retailers, airlines, hotels, restaurants, hospitality industry players can use this field for determining the growth chart of their business in the future. One can say with a lot of confidence that the graph will move upwards and will not dip down the baseline. The best part of the Predictive modeling is that company heads with a lot of confidence and it will be able to halt or nab the criminal activities and thus reduce chances of criminal activities. As in daily business activities frauds committed through credit card, cyber attacks, corporate spying, etc. do take place. Predictive Analytics Tools The accuracy of the Predictive Analytics tool enables user’s penetrative form of real-time insights of deep commercial activities. With it, the business pundits to a large extent could determine the course of business work. It includes ways to allocate resources, time for replenishing stocks, precise time for launching marketing campaigns, predicting on the data being collected, etc. Some of the Predictive Analytics Software or Service Providers include:- Acxiom. IBM Microsoft SAP SAS Institute. Teradata List of Examples of Predictive Analytics is mentioned below:- There is no limit in making good use of Predictive Analytics. Predictive modeling is a form of smart technology has been an asset for managers in fields like finance, retailing, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, etc. List of examples, that organizations are making use of Predictive Analytics is mentioned below:- Aerospace- It aims the expenditure of specific maintenance operations on the spacecraft, fuel usage, availability, etc. Automotive: – Make use of the previous records of specific components and their failure into upcoming vehicles. Understand the behavior of the driver and then make a suitable form of technologies. All this resulting in an autonomous vehicle. Energy: – Prediction of Long-term demands of price and ratios Keep in mind the weather changes, problems in the equipment’s, alterations and other servicing costs. Financial Services:- The experts predict the credit risk, make a prediction of market trends, how new policies are going to alter the course of business, the formation of laws and regulations on the business and new market. Manufacturing: – During the manufacturing procedure location and at times breakdown of the machine. Keep in mind, the right time of raw-materials being delivered based on future demands.