It doesn’t seem that long ago that the idea of robots taking over the world was merely the plot of a movie. Chatbots are a new weapon to communicate with customers. It’s here to revolutionize the way our businesses communicate with the customers. Slowly and continuously, AI is growing and taking over the digital space, and the chatbot is an integral part of this movement. Gartner predicted that “by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human.” In the world of customer-driven business, chatbot apps are going to overshadow email marketing due to its enhanced ability of conversation and advanced components. Many of us have already encountered a chatbot on Facebook messenger or web pages by now. As more businesses are seeking online platforms for marketing, the usage of chatbots is becoming ubiquitous nowadays. What are Chatbots? A chatbot is a computer program that uses messaging as its primary interface, typically on the Internet. It facilitates different businesses and administrative tasks. Chatbots act as automated virtual assistants, capable of communicating with people through text messages on instant messaging platforms, forums. Advancements influence modern chatbots in artificial intelligence, coupled with the ontogenesis of messaging apps. Type of Chatbot Rule-based Chatbots You can communicate with rule-based chatbot apps by clicking on buttons and using predefined options. However, rule-based chatbots have limited options. These make chatbots the slowest to help your customers find their answers. Intellectually Independent Chatbots These chatbots use ML to discover the user’s inputs and requests. You can educate these chatbots to understand particular keywords and phrases that trigger their replies. Over the period, these bots can prepare themselves to understand more and more queries. AI-powered Chatbots AI-powered chatbots are the smartest bot of all . It is a combination of the other two kinds of bots. These bots use ML, AI, and NLP to understand and remember the conversation’s context and the user’s preferences. Why Customer-Centric Businesses Need Chatbots? Higher User Engagement Most businesses these days have a web presence. As far as business is concerned, bots are the best tool for keeping users on specific platforms longer and engaging them by initiating and maintaining the conversation. Chatbot can Drive Sales AI-based bots can initiate dialog, get more accurate customer feedback, and conduct market research. Depending on a user’s purchase preference, the chatbot can send products to customers that are more likely to convert into sales. Improve Business Branding Customers are looking for a more qualitative solution with minimum effort. With chatbots, businesses can target potential customers and share the required information irrespective of the day or time. Chatbots are highly accurate and quick; hence, a better customer experience can establish a better brand. Save Human Resources for Qualitative Task Chatbots can assist users or consumers in a specific task whenever they want. And as chatbots never get tired or bored, hence can be employed to provide customer service round the clock. In other terms, human resources can be freed from repetitive tasks and should be allocated towards more productive business tasks. This will save the cost of customer support. Personal Assistance People could use Bots as a personal advisor for asking trading tips from finance, clothing recommendations, suggest places to visit from a travel bot, and many more. This would help the users get a more personal touch from the chatbot. The chatbot will also remember all your choices and provide you with appropriate options the next time you visit it. Final Thoughts The Chatbots change the way to serve a customer on the web and hence increase the more conversion rate as well as sales. with the increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Chatbot app development , their influence will continue advertising and promotion efforts of company brands. Finally, Chatbots can be the best alternative option for workers who are getting bored to do a repetitive task. Here all you need to do is develop a chatbot for your business as soon as possible. And focus on your chatbot. So they can raise brand awareness and client engagement for you.