Tablets are now a sought-after commodity in the electronics trade, with features and functions that can typically replace those of other devices, such as laptops, desktop PCs, MP3 players, and smart phones. In general, there are three kinds of tablets available on the market: the convertible, the slate, and the rugged tablet. The slate is a flat-topped tablet that we all know and love, and the convertible is a hybrid between a slate and a laptop. In terms of form, the rugged tablet is the type of tablet, which lends itself best to frequent and prolonged use in strenuous and extreme conditions. A rugged tablet computer is shaped like a slate, so the screen has no covering. However, given its descriptive name, it is eminently tenacious and designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions, such as heat, cold, dust, water, etc., as well as rough handling. They offer comprehensive “one-stop” computing and are constructed to easily withstand the rigor of forklift drivers as well as other warehouse works more efficiently with fewer mistakes. Rugged tablets are used in a variety of settings, such as mounted on vehicles, like jeeps or carts for businesses and much more. These are made of durable plastic or sometimes covered in a rubber coating that will take a beating and keep in going. Many of tablets come with a touch screen, meaning you simply touch the screen with either your finger or a stylus pen to retrieve information and switch from one page to another. Keyboards are connected by via IR or Bluetooth. An on-screen keyboard is also a feature within Windows. Rugged tablets can be carried with one hand so that you have a hand free for more mobility and allowing you to use the stylus to activate the screen. In case you are driving and want to use the GPS feature, then there is RAM mounting system for vehicles, which holds your device and allows you to operate it while you are driving. Most rugged tablets are made of magnesium alloy, allowing the bumps and drops of everyday use. Internal components are protected and the LCD is reinforced. Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB – 4 GB of RAM are optional. With several features to choose from, one can buy Trimble rugged tablet online or from the physical retail store. These rugged tablets are made to survive nearly everything a human would encounter.