Regular maintenance on your trading computer is going to be the huge contributing factor to enjoying a long PC life span. Dust can cause unwanted issues to your PC. A quick cleaning can eliminate any risk of damage to your internal computer hardware. This is worth the minimal time investment to protect your trading computer. A trader’s PC is the lifeline to the markets. This means that your stock trading computer is vital and essential to your trading. What type of damage dust can cause to your computer? There are several things that can happen if the dust is not removed from the surface of the hardware in your computer. Your trading computer needs air flow. The more demand you place on your PC with charts and algorithms, the more heat you are producing. Fans move air through the computer to move in cool air and move out hot hair. This means that with the air going into the computer you will also get a percentage of dust. If too much dust builds up on the components it can act like an insulator and trap heat in the component. It can also be very hard on motors running the fans. This could cause deterioration in the speed and efficacy of the can cooling your CPU. There are simple techniques to clear out the build up once or twice a year. All you really need is a canned air in order to clear out the dust. You might also consider using a small brush to help dislodge dust in hard to reach areas. Just remember to stick to these two tools and not to use any cloths or towels in this process. You can also use a vacuum to gently remove the dust and particles rather than using the canned air. These methods should allow you to remove the dust hiding in the hard to clean spots inside your PC. Use these tools to remove any dust that has accumulated on the surface of the internal fans and components. This simple and quick maintenance will go a long way to protect your trading computer and its lifespan. Completing this maintenance increases the reliability and dependability of your trading computer. This allows you to do focus with out distractions on your trading. During your trading day you should be able to hone in on making successful trades. Not dealing with an overheating computer because there is years of dust and debris inside.