Your capital gains depend on you being able to communicate your trades on time. If you don’t have the speed and power to communicate your positions quick enough the price of your stock might have already changed. Your out come will turned from a capital gain to a capital loss. This could have been avoided by arming yourself with the right computer hardware and a good Internet connection. Successful traders know there is too much risk in not having these in place. The main reason why you might have encountered this type of capital loss is working from and outdated or underpowered trading computer. Windows XP is now an operating system that cannot be used to trade on. While this might have been a trust worthy OS for you in all the 13 years that it has been on the market. Technology has a shelf life. This system can no longer operate at speeds that make sense for traders. This OS might have set a record for the amount of time the system has lasted. This seems like an eternity in the technology world. If you are trading from this platform, you need to upgrade yesterday. This is a serious situation know with Windows XP not being support by Microsoft updates. You know from news outlets that hacking is rampant these days. You cannot risk your trading computer data to an OS that has no new security updates. Get off of this OS today. This should be very telling as to why outdated software and computers are too risky to continue using. Similar to Windows XP, your processor might be just as outdated in technology’s eyes. A processor that is even 6 years old is not sufficient enough for traders. Intel, for instance, has new processors that are 191% faster than previous models from 5 years ago. This is a huge improvement in speed that is going to leave older processors in the dust. In trading terms, you are at a disadvantage communicating your trades if you are using these older processors. A trader with a new processor is going to be 191% faster in getting the information they need to spot trends. What advantage does this give to a trader? Money. This is a straightforward answer but it is just the facts of what is at risk in the trading market. Most traders work from their home or work office. All traders are using the same medium to trade on. This is their best trading computer. This is one of the few advantages you can have as a trader in having a high powered stock trading computer. Once you experience trading from a computer for trading, you will wonder why you ever waste money on other computers.