An SQL Query Builder helps build and create SQL queries for databases. It is compatible with all major databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Its web-based nature means there is no software installation involved. The primary benefit of SQL query builder is that one does not require any knowledge of SQL or other query languages to use it. It’s online, user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it possible to generate complex SQL queries without having to write a single line of code. With an easy drag-and-drop functionality, users can visually build SQL statements against tables. An SQL Query Builder gives the power to analysts, marketers, business managers, and sales personnel to extract and analyze data themselves instead of relying on the over-burdened IT department. They can mine data to gain insights and make critical business decisions in real-time saving the company time and resources. The query builder is divided into four parts – select, insert, update, and delete. One has to simply drag and drop database tables from a schema browser to own query builder for creating SQL select statements. On selecting appropriate options and entering custom values, the query builder generates and executes corresponding SQL commands. Features of SQL Query Builder Visual Query Diagram: The drag-and-drop feature can be used for joining tables to a diagram and selecting columns to generate SQL queries Creation of Subqueries: An SQL query builder allows the creation of complex subqueries with the visual query building tool. Tabbed windows enable editing of subqueries in separate windows Designing DML Queries: The query type mentioned on the diagram header can be used to choose a table Expression Editor: One does not have to type column names or remember complex rules, work can be automated using query criteria by selecting from lists in diagrams SQL Code ‘Beautifier’: The query builder tool helps in writing and modifying SQL code by prompting suggestions and shows information on database objects Visual Query Profiling: Query profiling is possible visually by selecting results of two query executions. The differences are highlighted for easy comparison. Data Management: SQL query builder makes managing data easier. The data can be grouped, sorted and filtered in a grid. Different modes for viewing and editing data are available Foreign Key Lookup Editor: Foreign key lookup editor helps edit foreign keys directly in the data grid. One only has to click the desired cell and data from the parent table is displayed Data Export: Data can be exported to 10 widely used formats – HTML, Text, MS Excel, MS Access, RTF, PDF, XML, CSV, DBF and ODBC. The export process is highly customizable, and use of templates is possible Key benefits of SQL query builder include: Access anytime, anywhere on any computer device – PC, laptop, smartphone Automatic SQL code generation using drag-and-drop functionality Allows anyone to create and run queries, eliminating the need for a large specialized IT team Helps free up time and resources so that the IT team can focus on other tasks SQL query builder makes use of data from multiple sources and combines them seamlessly Allows quick extraction and analysis of data Improves efficiency as end users do not have to rely on IT support staff Results are generated almost instantaneously