Advanced Java technologies are the in-thing in the modern software markets. Going by this latest trend, it pays for professionals to familiarize themselves with the concepts of Java. Tagged as a robust and high-performing software platform that can churn out mobile and web applications, advanced Java is the hot pick amongst software developers. All in an attempt to stay abreast with the latest technologies, iiT Workforce provides an advanced Java project internship to trainees. Allowing you to gain a competitive edge over your peers who are struggling to make their first career move, you can bank on our training program that is completed after you submit a real-time project in advanced Java. And if you are one such professional who wishes to master advanced Java while applying its concepts to healthcare domain, then you have come to the right place. Advantages of Signing Up with iiT Workforce iiT Workforce believes in the ideology that a practical approach to theoretical knowledge can help you master the subject. Driven by this basic principle, we at iiT Workforce have devised a comprehensive advanced Java training program that allows you to live the world of a well-trained Java developer through its real-time projects. When you start gaining practical experience with all the bookish concepts, it is then that you will master the subject as a whole. This real-time experience is bestowed by our real-time projects which once completed will instill a sense of confidence that you are all set to enter the real world of Java coding; with specific reference to healthcare domain. Once your resume mentions these real-time project works, you will be picked up by recruiters and hiring managers looking out for well-trained Java professionals in healthcare. iiT Workforce – A Boon To Gain Real-time Project Experience iiT Workforce offers a unique opportunity to trainees to hone their advanced Java knowledge through the completion and submission of real-time Java projects. Bridging the gap between the existing and the expected, we at iiT Workforce provide project assistance that will allow you to gain loads of practical experience. Through these projects, you as an intern will gain confidence to become a part of the real-world Java programming world; ultimately transforming into a well-trained Java professional. We present a simulative learning environment in which every trainee dons the hat of a Java developer. Juggling with the creation of code, building strategies, debugging and implementations, you will excel in the territory of advanced Java when you begin to overcome the challenges posed by group dynamics. Blending the modern Agile SCRUM methodology with the conventional lifecycle methods, iiT Workforce leads you to holistic learning when you can seamlessly fit your skills into any environment. Project Curriculum of Advanced Java in Healthcare Offered by iiT Workforce After mastering the concepts of Java through the functions of code deployment and source code control, you can tie this knowledge to churn out a holistic healthcare project. Our healthcare project focuses on two categories; a) health insurance b) hospital management. Our health insurance project using Java will provide you with a holistic information about the roles of payees and insurance providers. Teaching you about how to upgrade or scale down a plan, our project helps you gain insights about claims along with hospital billing and payment procedures. Moving on to the hospital management section of the project, you will be taught the best practices in maintaining patient information along with the scheduling of patient-doctor appointments. iiT Workforce through its Manage My Patient which is a Hospital Management System that helps you submit an end-to-end project that will throw light on various hospital management modules. Enroll for our Java Healthcare real-time project today! Visit us at Call us: (408) 715-7889 or email us at