If you are planning to explore the used computers for sale, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. While buying things we tend to forget several factors that we must ensure. Keeping aside the others, here we are mentioning 4 factors to consider before exploring used computers for sale. These are as follows: 1. Generation of computer Prior to buying the used system check the model and the generation to which it belongs. Assure that the generation and the model that you buy tends to satisfy your purpose of buying the same. In majority of cases used computers are either one or generation behind the recent ones. 2. Specs See for yourself that what all apps are you planning to use on the system that you are going to buy. Check the compatibility of the software that you intend to use with the computer. Also, check whether the storage is enough for you or not. 3. Cost of Upgrades Before buying a used system analyse how much will you need to spend on replacement battery or the spare AC adapter. Most of the used computers for sale have an almost deteriorated battery. 4. Price Comparison Before you go in for purchasing the used computer as a cost cutting strategy, ensure that you compare the price of the used model with the equivalent new model. If the margin is not that high then going in for new is always a good option. 4 Easy Steps to Wipe Hard Drive Now coming to the seller side, there is one must do, that is, wipe hard drive. Yes, prior to selling your used system, ensure to do the same. In order to get back the computer to its blank-slate state, there are certain things that you need to do. 4 easy steps to wipe hard drive are as follows: 1. Take the back up When you buy the system you get a copy of operating system on USB drive or DVD. If not then you can download it and make sure that you have a OS version that is bootable. 2. Erase the drive You need to do this using DBAN. Simply download the program and copy the same on different USB drive using USB/DVD tool. 3. Reformat the drive With the help of drive that is plugged in restart the system. Follow the instructions you get. 4. Reinstall the operating system Once you end up following the instructions, it will take hours for your system to get rid of all that is stored on it. The process explained above is for the Windows 7. In case you have Windows 8, you simply need to visit the General section in the Change PC Settings. Then select Remove Everything followed by Reinstall Windows. All in all, these is one thing that you must ensure doing prior to selling your system. This ensures your privacy as well as the security.