No matter whether you need to searching anything on Google, have to send an important mail, need to attend a Skype call or have to store some important documents, you would obviously look for your laptop. Yes, it is slick, small and easy to carry over here are there. It helps you a lot throughout the whole day. But, do you provide it with enough care and maintenance? If not, then you are making a big mistake. Time will come when your device would stop working. In some cases, it may become slow in performance, can crash and all of your data would be lost forever. Obviously you won’t want any of these. So, what should you do to keep your computer running well for longer? laptop repair experts in Southampton are here to help you with the right information. Have a look into the below write up to know about them in detail. Keep The OS Clean And Light Information, documents, files and folders that we can’t save in phone or don’t feel safe to store them in different storage devices, find their destination in your laptop. It is undoubtedly one of the safest place to keep your confidential information protected. But, you should not forget that your computer also has a limited storage space. If you keep putting on pressure of files on it, it would develop several types of issues. Its performance may become slow, your space would be occupied uselessly and so on. So, make sure to fort out your files and delete the useless ones. The more you keep your OS clean and light, the faster your laptop’s performance would be. Open Run window and type ”%temp%”, it will display the all temporary files. Delete them permanently. Don’t forget to restart your laptop at least once in a week. Install Genuine And Updated Anti-Virus No matter how often you clean your device form outside, it is not safe form the inner threats. Nowadays, lots of cyber risks are there to make your laptop their victim. In order to keep your machine and your documents safe, make sure to install genuine and updated anti-virus. Scan and update your anti-virus from time to time, say the laptop repair experts in Southampton. Always Scan Any Storage Device Before Inserting Whenever you are inserting an external body like pen drive and hard disk to your device, it is necessary to check and scan them. In case there is any bug or virus in the storage devices, it would be discarded and can’t affect your machine.