It includes LCD and touch-based display options and everything is greatly impacted by the adoption of IoT. One of the prominent reasons behind this is because of interactive displays, and digital signage, energy & power and oil and gas demand generated by HMIs and few other sectors. OLED technology An interesting fact is that during the forecast period, the OLED technology has grown vastly. Though this is new to the industrial sector, serving HMI, imaging and remote monitoring using portable devices has become common today. For example, OLED is used as a status indicator in the industrial sector and also applied in digital signage for advertisement or information display. These applications are the key factors for driving the growth of the OLED display market. Industrial display in oil and gas sector There is a tremendous growth in oil and gas industry. At the same time, there are many different challenges. Control and monitoring have become a big challenge to the industry. Acura Embedded PCs makes complex operations and navigation easier to the engineers. These come with the optional Windows 7 or Windows XP embedded giving flexibility for users to develop the solution which is best suited to their requirements. Surface temperatures are required. One thing to be remembered is the measurements such as a mixture of dust, fibers or flying’s need not be taken on the internal parts of sealed devices. So measurements should be made at the surface and at an ambient temperature which is between 10°C and 40°C. The air flow stimulation, airflow design, ventilation design, temperature estimation, thermal solution scenario should also be taken into notice. All our suggested industrial displays have been thoroughly reviewed and improved to meet the standards of the present scenario. Innovative Technology Now to face all the above challenges, there is a requirement of electrical equipment which should be safe to use in environments that are potentially flammable and explosive. Especially the oil and gas production is hazardous and dangerous and always there is the presence of a flammable substance in much quantity. Hence there is a need of electrical equipment which can withstand with fire and explosion and also safety certified. Industrial resistive touch screen displays are used for many applications. There are layers present in these such as a back layer with a glass which has a uniform resistive coating and a polyester coversheet which has layers separated by tiny insulating dots. When the screen is touched it makes an electrical contact by pushing the conductive coating which is on the cover sheet against the coating on the glass.