It is not a new that you are sending an important file to your client or making your project on your PC and it becomes slow. Due to daily use, this device tolerates excess pressure and torture. But, it does not get the required attention and care. Yes, your machine also requires maintenance. If you ignore this fact, the device would develop issues that would make your suffer as well. And of the most irritating issues is slow performance. Computers make our life easier and faster. So, if it becomes slow, out life would be complicated. Nowadays we are too much dependant on that PC. So, it is better to take all the necessary steps that would help you keep your PC well for longer and would boost up its speed also. PC repair experts in Southampton are here with a barrel of guidelines. Have a look into the below write up. Clean Junk Files Junk files affect the speed and functionality of your PC. If you don’t clean them on daily basis, they would slow down your computer. It would not only make situations irritating for you, it would excess pressure on the system. If you don’t take actions, the system may crash and all of your data would be lost. So, before you start working on the machine, clean all the junk files and make the space free so that the PC can run in its usual speed. Add Ram A computer becomes slow when it gets overloaded with programs. It may not be always possible to delete the files. So, you can add RAM. It would share the load and you can be able to run multiple programs at a time. And the speed of the device would be improved also. Update OS and Device Drivers And out dated OS and device drivers can create speed issues in a computer. They don’t have all the necessary features to keep your PC updated. So, if you are experiencing issue in speed, you can check the OS and device drivers. If it is the old version, download the latest one and fix the issue immediately. You can also opt for automatic update of the system, say the PC repair specialists in Southampton. Remove Unnecessary Start up Programs When you start your computer several start up programs may also be started beside it. If you don’t need them, remove them and save space.