Every day in our life we use many machines in one day and we see how machines have made their place in our lives and how much we all depend on these machines. We have many advantages of that. They make our daily lives much easier and always save a lot of time. But are these machines more important in our lives than ours? We think these machines are smarter than us and work better than us. But have we ever thought that these machines are smart or that humans are smart? All that machines are made by human being. That anyone other than humans can make these machines.I don’t think anyone other than humans can make these machines. Now we see who depends on whom. This we will understand from a example. We all use mobile phones maximum in a day. Mobile is also a machine. And we communicate with each other from this mobile. But if we put the mobile to one side and we sit on one side and see that the mobile dials a telephone number without our help and we can talk to the friend who comes but the mobile should works without our help. And we take another example of machine. If we are talking about a washing machine then the machine will not start its work until the person starts the machine. Of course you leave the clothes in the machine all day. That this machine can work even without our signal. I don’t think so. Because no machine can work unless we give a signal to any machine. The day a machine comes along that can do all the work by itself without the help of a human being then we can say that human beings are dependent on these machines and these machines are more intelligent than human beings. Benefits of Machines 1. Heavy and dedicate works You can done your heavy works and very difficult work which is not possible by human within limited time. Machines can do much better than humans 2. Faster then humans Machines can done more works within limited time then humans. Machines can make many products where human beings do very little work 3. More accuracy Human can’t do anything exactly But machines can do this very easily. Like if human want to draw a drawing then it is not possible to draw anything exactly from the picture. But machines can do it. 4.Economical Machines are the one time investment. There no need to labour for handle the work. A single machine can do multiple task. 5. Mobility of Labor: It is very useful for labor. The machines are used in multiple organisations and if any worker want to change the industry then they can do it easily. And it will be used for more employment. 6. More Employment: Machinery is used to increase the new occupations in industry. So it is very helpful for decrease the unemployment 7. Natural products. The airplane has made human work much easier so that man can fly in the air. Mobiles can be used to communicate with other people sitting at a distance.