What’s new in Magento 2? What are the features that make it different and a better option than Magento 1? A skilled and experienced Magento developer has given the answers to these questions here in this article. Here’re the features of Magento 2 – the latest version of Magento. It has a user-friendly approach: The first visible change of Magento 2 is its new admin panel. The structure is completely new and well-organised. Consisting of simplified navigation tools, a discreet design, and the light orange color, the admin panel looks like an entirely different framework. The admin panel structure is easy to use for beginners as well. The admin can easily access the business information with this admin panel structure, which can again improve the management of orders, productivity, and customer data. Enhanced admin security: Only one person is allowed to stay logged in one admin account. This enhances the admin panel security. Well-organised product section: To stand up to the expectations and demands of the online shopper, Magento has altered the structure of the product section in this new version of the framework. Now, managing the product variations can be done by adding or removing attributes and through the wizard There are some new options for user notifications as well Users can also add the products data by mass actions Customisable data grids: Magento 2 comes with an increased number of customisable options for the ‘Products Catalog’ page and ‘Sale Order’ page. This feature is added to save time and make it easier to work on these pages. Filers: Magento 2 filters are great for checking a specific set of orders or products and organising the results. With Magento 2 filters, the data can be easily monitored and analysed to keep a track of the behavior of the customers in the store. Views: To save you time, Magento 2 has also included the new “Save View As” option to the Views tabs. With this option, the admin can save any of the filters and manage the column settings after looking at particular products, specific orders, and their subsets. Columns: The new structure of the ‘Columns’ option comes with a drop-down and lets the admin or the developer check and use exactly the columns needed for the project. The options in this section are even much more than what Magento 1 has. With Magento 2, the developer can also drag-and-drop the selected columns and rearrange them in any order as per the requirement and priority. More options in the ‘Add product’ dropdown: Magento 2 comes with new options in the ‘Add Product’ dropdown some of which are: – Configurable product Simple product Grouped product Bundle Product Virtual Product Downloadable product Improved checkout system: One of the major differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2 is the checkout system. Users experience an easier checkout system with a Magento 2 e-store. The number of checkout steps are also less with Magento 2. Better payment methods: Magento 2 ensures enhanced safety and security on online payment operations. It has teamed up with Cybersource and Worldpay to tighten the payment protection. Along with this, Magento has also added some payment gateways and extensions like Braintree, PayPal, etc. to give the e-stores better functionalities. In addition to all these mentioned above, Magento 2 is also compatible with PHP 7 and HHVM. With so many added features and improvements, Magento 2 ensures to cater to the requirements of all, developers, business owners, and online shoppers.