The growing software application market has given a huge boost to the global economy. The expectations of the audiences keep on rising as new apps are developed every day. Like app development in Australia, the developers are designing new and powerful apps that will attract more customers and audiences. No wonder, it continues to benefit one and all from time to time. There are far too many developers who struggle to keep pace with the speeding market. While the demand for app development has certainly opened up a plethora of job opportunities, that dream of building the perfect app is not impossible. While it is true that professionals in this job spend more time trying to catch up with deadlines for the dysfunctional corporates, the thrill of this job is undeniable. Taking up app development as a career prospect can provide one with a bright future only when one works with full dedication and effort. However, before that, it is crucial that one decides what it is to become a successful application developer. Knowing the work status – Deciding on whether one wants to work independently or with a particular organisation is the first consideration that one should have. Dreaming of starting one’s own company can be a huge responsibility. While one cannot resist freedom, there is definitely a lot of stress and insecurity before one gets fully established. Since smartphone app building startups usually show a strain of successes, it can go downhill any moment. Learn the skills – The next consideration is to have a strong grip over all the necessary background knowledge. Possessing the required software development skills is crucial when it comes to becoming a renowned application developer. Before that, one should decide whether to become a web-based software developer or a smartphone app designer. For both of these, one must have strong knowledge about the fundamentals. For web developing, one should have adept learning about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Debugging, Back End Database, Graphic based skills, Hosting, Libraries, Framework and others. For mobile app development, one should have proficient knowledge regarding the essential programming languages such as JavaScript, Swift and other cross-platform languages and implement them according to the operating system that one is working on. Update Knowledge – Another significant factor is to keep oneself updated with the ongoing trends in the market. Technological evolutions happen rapidly and bring a sea of new changes all over. One has to stay updated and know about their own progress. The invention of IoT has pushed technology to an edge, enabling users to enjoy a lot of benefits at one time. This will allow one to perform faster and real-time analytics, data access, and other priority work even in places with a low internet network. The element of cybersecurity has reached the point of inflection. Security is a top consideration on the mind of all, and developers are coming up with innovative technology to tackle that. There is internal and external cybersecurity. This way, one can handle their vulnerabilities and maintain data confidentiality with ease. Artificial Intelligence will be a gamechanger in the market. Once implemented, the businesses will be able to benefit from unending factors like smart offices, voice-controlled home assistants, big data, smart homes etc. AI tools will be a reality, integrating broad, artificially intelligent resources into the operating systems, and gravitating towards fascinating results. Cross-Platform development tools are on a rise, making the task easy for developers. This will allow one to develop apps from one single platform, which means it avoids the hassle of coding for more than one time. Low coding is the need of the hour. It will completely change the equation of app building, also making it more cost-effective. Developers can code their apps through a user interface that is graphical. There will be no need to learn complex programming languages etc. there will be drag and drop feature/interface for visualising these apps without any trained programmer in the field. This will be very popular for businesses as it is less time consuming and can be done effortlessly. Becoming an app developer can be a challenging task. While nothing is impossible, one can always think to become a good app developer and earn great renown in this field.